Sunday, January 23, 2011

An added lil goody

so i just finished posting my long review, yeah i guess you can call it that, on all the palettes that i got at the end of last year but i forgot to mention a lil something special. well...i dont know if its really special but its actually kinda cool hahahahaha. I was at my local CVS pharmacy for the gazillionth time this year (because i have been extremely sick) when i happened to start browsing around in the cosmetics section which happens to be the aisle the pick up line of the pharmacy section follows. I know right??? totally awesome. What else would a make up artist want to look at while standing in line at the pharmacy? Well as i was checking out the newest shades of lipstick by L'Oreal and Maybelline and all the other drug store brands as well as picking up a tube of mascara, i already forgot which kind hahahaha. i finally made my way to the front register to pay for a few other things when i saw this little bit of joy sitting right on the counter at the register i was checking out.

CVS has one of those rewards card called the ExtraCare card that you use everytime you shop and you accumulate what they call "extrabucks." Sometimes they come in a form of a certain dollar amount off of your next purchase of a certain amount or coupons for specific things such as shampoo, conditioner, vitamins etc. Normally they are coupons to something you buy often or have bought in the past. Well now they have what is called the beautyclub. There is a little certificate you pull off the stack and have your cashier scan it when you check out and the beauty club benefits are added automatically to your ExtraCare card. If you dont have an ExtraCare card just sign up for one, its free and you get some good coupons the more you use it.

So what exactly are the benefits of the beautyclub you may ask....well let me share:

Recieve 10% off beauty shopping pass when you enroll
Get $5 ExtraBucks everytime you spend $50 on beauty purchases
Get $3 ExtraBucks on your birthday

Its not much but its a little perk for when you are stocking up on your drug store brand make up. Some of my favorites are L'Oreal and Maybelline. Not to mention they also sell (at my local CVS and maybe others) the Ardell false lashes and the DUO lash adhesive. Now you see spending those $50 isnt gonna be too hard to do and the perk is you will get those extra 5 bucks everytime you do. So make it over to your local CVS, if you have one, and sign up for your ExtraCare card and add the beautyclub to it so you can start earning.

For the love of drug store brand make up and rewards.....your cindy

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