Sunday, January 23, 2011

An added lil goody

so i just finished posting my long review, yeah i guess you can call it that, on all the palettes that i got at the end of last year but i forgot to mention a lil something special. well...i dont know if its really special but its actually kinda cool hahahahaha. I was at my local CVS pharmacy for the gazillionth time this year (because i have been extremely sick) when i happened to start browsing around in the cosmetics section which happens to be the aisle the pick up line of the pharmacy section follows. I know right??? totally awesome. What else would a make up artist want to look at while standing in line at the pharmacy? Well as i was checking out the newest shades of lipstick by L'Oreal and Maybelline and all the other drug store brands as well as picking up a tube of mascara, i already forgot which kind hahahaha. i finally made my way to the front register to pay for a few other things when i saw this little bit of joy sitting right on the counter at the register i was checking out.

CVS has one of those rewards card called the ExtraCare card that you use everytime you shop and you accumulate what they call "extrabucks." Sometimes they come in a form of a certain dollar amount off of your next purchase of a certain amount or coupons for specific things such as shampoo, conditioner, vitamins etc. Normally they are coupons to something you buy often or have bought in the past. Well now they have what is called the beautyclub. There is a little certificate you pull off the stack and have your cashier scan it when you check out and the beauty club benefits are added automatically to your ExtraCare card. If you dont have an ExtraCare card just sign up for one, its free and you get some good coupons the more you use it.

So what exactly are the benefits of the beautyclub you may ask....well let me share:

Recieve 10% off beauty shopping pass when you enroll
Get $5 ExtraBucks everytime you spend $50 on beauty purchases
Get $3 ExtraBucks on your birthday

Its not much but its a little perk for when you are stocking up on your drug store brand make up. Some of my favorites are L'Oreal and Maybelline. Not to mention they also sell (at my local CVS and maybe others) the Ardell false lashes and the DUO lash adhesive. Now you see spending those $50 isnt gonna be too hard to do and the perk is you will get those extra 5 bucks everytime you do. So make it over to your local CVS, if you have one, and sign up for your ExtraCare card and add the beautyclub to it so you can start earning.

For the love of drug store brand make up and rewards.....your cindy

Well isn't it about time!!!!

So I am finally back. I started this blog with every intention of keeping up with it but I didnt exactly plan on being sick the first 20 some odd days of the year. Thankfully after some antibiotics and some much needed rest I am now starting to feel a lil better. So here are the palettes I got that I wanted to introduce to you.

Stila Color Wheel
 The Stila Color Wheel has an awesome assortment of colors to work with including matte and shimmer eyeshadows. It comes packed with some good neutral/nude colors for an everyday look, great highlighting colors and some fun blues and pinky-peaches to add a pop of color to any look. This palette even comes with a little book that shows some of their most popular looks created with using only the Color Wheel Palette. The Color Wheel comes packed in a sturdy acrylic snap shut case that is good for traveling. Its clear from cover is great for easy viewing of what colors are available.

Enchanted Glamour by Too Faced
 You cannot go wrong with purchasing the Enchanted Glamour Palette by Too Faced. This palette come filled with 15 eyeshadows (matte, shimmer, frost finishes) along with a tube of their Shadow Insurance and a beautiful lip gloss: Glamour Gloss volumizing lip gloss in Pillow Talk (nude/peachy color). Oh and i must not forget. The first surprises you get when you open the box is not only the beautiful 3D pixies but a bronzer in Snow Bunny, a blush in La Vie en Rose and 3 beauty cards that each have a popular look using the  Enchanted Glamour Palette. It is packed in very sturdy package that can be easy travel with even when its taken out of the box. I saved my box and its great even when storing them away.

Pixie Pin-Ups by Too Faced

The Too Faced Pixie Pin-Ups palette is a smaller version of the Enchanted Glamour. The Pixie Pin-Ups palette has 6 eyeshadows (2 matte, 4 frost), Lava Gloss eyeliner in Super Black and Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara in black. This is good palette for everyday use. Its small enough to care with you in your purse especially if you have hug purses like mine. If you are a more of a small to medium sized purse kind of girl this might be too big to carry around. Nonetheless, its still a great palette to have. I love it. I use mostly browns and plum colors for my everyday look and this palette has just what i need. I would say for traveling purposes to keep the box it comes in. The eyeshadows slide out on a palette and can easily slide out and break during travel. Atleast in the box you know that they will be secure.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3
 Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol. 3 is amazing!! First of all the light up show you get when you open up the top flap of the book is so awesome. Its all about the NYC in this palette and with all the 3D pop outs and lighting there is in this palette makes you wanna get it just for the show. Then you slide out the shadows and its even more amazing. You get 16 shadows which consist of an awesome assortment of color from green to blue to purple and everything in between. You get 2 of the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, zero(black) and ransom(purple) and of course a small bottle of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion. If you are looking for a look that pops and makes an amazing statement out on the town, UD's BoS Vol. 3 is the palette for you. Oh the looks that you can create with this little book of awesomeness. For traveling again i would suggest to save the box it comes in because the shadows are on a slide out palette and while traveling they may slide out and get ruined. Have fun with this one, you are gonna love it!!!

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
 UD's Naked palette....ummmm what to say other than this is my ultimate favorite palette of all time!!! The colors in this thing are absolutely phenomenal!!!! These are colors that i like to use in my everyday looks. Although after playing with the colors in this palette there are so many looks that you can create. This is a MUST HAVE in my opinion and i can assure you that you are gonna love it. The colors are highly pigmented where less means more. The case is also very nice. Its a perfect chocolate color velvetty case with Naked written in gold. This palette sold out so fast when it came out and i wasnt one of the lucky owners of it until it made its big return to Sephora. When i got my email that this product was back in stock i typed as fast as my little fingers could and ordered it online. I could not risk my local Sephora being out of stock. I had it shipped to work because there is someone there 24/7 and i knew that i wouldnt miss the delivery guy if it went there. It made its delivery on my day off and you best believe it drove all the way to work (15 minutes hahahahaha) just to pick up this baby. Its so funny, the ladies i work with get all excited when i get stuff in the mail because its usually something fun. When i got there i just stopped by said a quick hello retrieved my box from and was ready to head back home when they said, "um, you're not gonna open it? we wanna see!!" I gladly opened the box and shared the beauty. They were so amazed, but im not too sure what about. Was it that they were amazed at how happy i was to finally have this long awaited treasure or about the palette itself? i think it was both hahahahahaha. You must understand one thing, these ladies are your old school beauties who wear the good ol' pressed powder, a swipe of the only eyeshadow they found that morning, some mascara and maybe a bit of eyeliner. Some just use a lather of their good ol' favorite lotion. So when it comes to make up, i must say they have all learned a tip or two of what make up is all about. Not to mention they all loved the palette.

Urban Decay's The Black Palette
Lastly, UD's The Black Palette. This is a palette with deep colors for a great smokey look. It comes with 6 intense color eyeshadows and a 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. I have used this palette to create a very intense smokey eye and i have also used these shadows seperately to add depth and dimension to other looks. This palette is small enough to carry with you and its another palette where less is more. You only need a small amount of shadow to take you a long way. This is defenitely a must have.

Yup I got all these palettes just before the year ended. They were all purchased from Sephora. I absolutely love love love all of these palettes. I highly recommend that you slowly make your way to adding these palettes to your personal set of goodies and/or your make up kit. Hope you enjoyed reading and come back soon.

For the love of awesome palettes and my blog family....Your Cindy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011!! My have I waited for you...

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!! Well I know that I am a few days late but I didnt plan on spending the weekend sick in bed. I know...big bummer. I did get to enjoy new years eve but didnt feel too good after that so I didnt get to do all that I had planned to do for you as my big intro to my beauty blog. However, nonetheless I still wanted to welcome you and give you some exciting news... Are you ready?? Well I have some palletes that I bought not too long before the year was over and I havent really had a chance to try them out so I will be showing you what I got. Not to mention I am also a proud new owner of a Canon Vixia HD camcorder so I wanted to attempt to make a video. Ahhhh....its gonna be my first video blog otherwise known as a Vlog. So please stay tunned and I will see you soon!!!
XOXO Cindy