Thursday, May 26, 2011

What the heck is going on...

Well hello there few yet faithful followers!! I know that I have been gone away from here for a little while now but I promise it is all for good reasons. I have some amazing news to share so lets get started…

First and for most I would like to thank all the people of this amazing organization the I have been working with, RAW: natural born artists, and the amazing Glaminar sister who kindly invited me to be her sidekick for a night, the lovely miss Sarrahh Blank.

What is RAW? It is an independent arts organization that hand selects and spotlights independent creatives in the visual arts, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, models, photography and performing art so that they might be seen, heard and loved.*

RAW’s mission is to provide up-and-coming artists of all creative realms, when others might not, with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. RAW educates, connects and exposes emerging artists in 17 artistic communities nationwide.*

Can you say amazing!! Yeah I think so!

So, after being a sidekick, which I will gladly do again and again with Sarrahh, and after a last minute booking to be lead makeup artist for a second RAW showcase (thanks again to Sarrahh for this) I am now officially a part of RAW and will soon be a featured artist on their website.

I have been booked for both a third and forth showcase with RAW in the next few weeks. I am beyond excited about this. It seems like what I have had a passion for for so long is finally starting to bloom. I knew the seed of creativity was planted in me long ago but seeing it bloom into reality is truly amazing. And just as Oprah always quoted Glinda the Good Witch of Oz, I will too: “You always had the power”

Here are some amazing links to check out:

MUA Sarrahh Blank-the one who helped me discover RAW. Check her out here.
MUA Rey-another talented artist who is now part of RAW. Check her out here. You can read her blog here.
MUA JennyB-who has been Sarrahh’s sidekick, is now a part of RAW. Check her out here. You can read her blog here.
MUA Agent Jacqueline- another RAW artist. Check her out here.


*info taken directly from RAW*

Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the Love of Children

 i adore Gwen Stefani. i have since my brother introduced me into all the wonders of No Doubt in their early days. what i have come to love most about her now is not only her amazing music and fabulous sense of style but all the other wonderful things that she does. i am a huge fan of hers and i think what she is doing for Japan is flippin' amazing!!!

Gwen Stefani has already personally donated $1,000,000 to Save the Children's Japan relief fund!!! and now she has created ways for her fans like you and i to join in her efforts to help save the children of Japan.

"i have been inspired by Japan for many years and have a true love, appreciation and respect for the japanese people and their culture. the disaster in Japan is beyond heartbreaking and i want to do anything i can to help. i would never be able to make a gesture like this without the love and support of all the fans over all these years." - Gwen Stefani

Gwen has designed a Harajuku Lovers shirt specifically for Japan and will soon be hosting an auction where you can bid to win some fabulous stuff!!

Lets start with the HL shirt!!

This is the official photo advertisement for the HL shirt

so the photo tells you all the details of how much this shirt means and most importantly is that 100% of the net proceeds go to helping Japan. even more exciting is that if you choose to purchase this shirt it is limited edition and it will not be sold in stores. here is a close look at the shirt...

this is a super cute shirt! the shirt is selling for $40.00US on the No Doubt website. when you purchase the shirt you have the option to donate a little extra if you'd like. again the net proceeds all go to Save the Children's Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. ladies please keep in mind that this a Juniors size shirt NOT a womens size shirt. please keep this in mind when ordering your shirts. i ordered my shirt not only to donate to Japan but to have a nice memory of my small contribution in effort to help save the children of Japan.

in addition to the shirt Gwen is hosting an auction!! for those who are financially capable to make a more substantial donation, this auction is a great way to show Japan how much you care :) here is the official photo advertisement for the auction. you can go to the No Doubt website to sign up for the auction and updates about it.

for the love of Japan, all things Harajuku and Gwen Stefani...lets all do our best to donate no matter how big or small the amount.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring time means Spring Collections

i absolutely love the spring time. it is the start of al the pretty pastel colors making their way down the run way and into your favorite brands' make up collections. with a lot of fun in the sun in our new future here is the first collection i present to you. it is MAC's Quite Cute Collection. this line is set launch on April 7th. yup thats only a few days away. For all you Pro members you know you get first dibs and the collection is already available to you via the MAC Pro website. i cant wait til this collection reaches my doorstep.

the entire collection consists of a lot of new things and a few old faves: 3 mineralized blushes, 3 nail lacquers, 1 false lash style, 5 lipsticks, 4 plushglasses, 3 lip pencils (old faves revamped for this collection), 1 eyeshadow quad and 1 mascara (old fave).

the colors of this collection look like cake frosting; pastel colors with lots of pink, purple and a beautiful mint green. i must say its pretty sweet and...well... Quite Cute!

take a look for yourself! (here is the new stuff thats out with the collection. the old faves are lip pencils in naked, synch, and boldly bare. the lashes are lash #7. the mascara with this collection is the zoom lash mascara.)

the eyeshadow quad shades are: goody goody gum drop(pink), boy crazy(lavender), moshi moshi(green), azuki bean(violet)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


OMG!! Can i say that my skin is in heaven!!! i was having some funkyness going on on my face a few months back and nothing was working until i found this stuff. i had heard about ORIGINS in the past but never actually stopped by to try it because my trusting Mary Kay products always got the job done.
A short history on what i was actually experiencing: i have combination skin, meaning normal to dry on most of my face with an oily T-Zone. i had started experiencing dryness (more than usual) in small spots on my cheeks, my right eyelid was dry and the skin under my eyebrows was also dandruff..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! CAN YOU SAY WEIRD!!!!
how does one eyelid get dry and how in the heck do i justify buying a bottle of head and shoulders for my eyebrow dandruff??? well you dont! You go out and buy some of this ORIGINS stuff. this weird weather here in SoCal sure did kick the moisture out of my skin but this stuff showed the weather who was boss. LOL.

a little bit about the brand and why it is soooo amazing:
(this info was taken directly from the Oigins website.)

The Origins Mission:
to create high-performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science

Origins Purity;
products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. and formulated without parabens, phthalates propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients. we manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

On one of the bottles it even said that they do not test on animals rather they use a volunteer panel to try out their awesome is that!?!!

here are the products i have used and have fallen completely in love with:

Checks & Balances- frothy face wash
5fl. oz $18.50US
This face wash is amazing!! it is a thick consistency face wash which means that you do not need much once you start to lather with water. this face wash is formulated with broad leaf kelp extract which discourages excess oil production and wheat protein which balances and protects dry prone zones. this is perfect for combination skin. the way to use it is to start with a small amount and lather with warm water. if you need more face wash feel free to use what you feel is right. Origins calls it a frothy face wash and i would say that is very accurate. at first sight i thought that the water would just dissolve the small amount face wash i had on the tips of my fingers but it didnt. the lather is so wonderful. after playing with the right amount of face wash with the right amount of water i have worked up a lather much like shaving creamy without the heaviness. the smell of the wash is pleasent. it smells minty but not overpowering. after rinsing it off, your face feels brand new. it does not feel too dry nor does it feel tight. after the first wash i noticed a difference compaired to my old face wash. after using the Origins face wash my skin tone appeared more even and without as much redness. i use this as both my morning and night face wash...gotta love a 2-in-1... overall an awesome product and for the price you cant complain. if used right, this will last you quite some time.

A Perfect World- antioxident moisturizer with white tea
1.7oz $39.50US
this is another product where a little goes a long way. this moisturizer is mostly for those with dry skin. it is formulated with white tea which helps intercept free radical damage before is causes early signs of aging and it keeps the skin looking younger longer. i had a few mixed emotions about this when i tried it out at the Origins counter at my local Macy's. i wasnt to fond of the smell. although it doesnt smell bad; it has a mild citrusy scent. i am more of a mint or sweet scented kinda gal. the good thing is that its not going to make you smell like oranges all day long. another thing that i wasnt too sure about was the consistency and feel after it was applied. i loved that it was thick but didnt leave the skin feeling heavy at all. the feel of it after it was applied i thought would be oily because my skin was a little shiny at first. however once it set into the skin it left a nice glow with enough moisture for the day without looking greasy. i did notice that i had to wait just a few more minutes for it to settle into the skin before applying make up compared to my old moisturizer but the pay off was more than amazing. my foundation went on much smoother and my imperfections were hardly noticeable. after using the product for a week i must say i love it and my first impressions were completely off of what this product had to offer. i used this product in the morning daily and every other night. overall the quality of this product is amazing! and it really did help after the 2nd day with my dry eyelid and dry spots on my face. the only downer is the price. although you literally only need very little to fully moisturize your face paying nearly $40 is a bit high. however, price aside, i do highly recommend this product and i will more than likely purchase it again.

Drink Up Intensive- overnight mask to quench skin's thirst
3.4fl. oz $21.00US
i have never been a big fan of face masks, especially overnight ones, because i hated the whole concept of something drying hard on my face and making a mess. i know...pretty lame...but its true. not to mention i havent tried many face masks to say i have like one more than the others in particular. when i was explaining to the lady at the Origins counter what i was experiencing she immediately guided me to the face wash and moisturizer. then she mentioned that she had a mask with a similar feel to my night time moisturizer i was previously using that i might like for an extra ooumphh of moisture for my skin. i had her show me this mask that i didnt believe was a mask if it felt like my old night moisturizer. my old night time moisturizer was clear, light weight and left the skin feeling...well...moisturized all night. it never dried, got hard or made a mess. how could a mask do something like that if its a mask?? well gee was i wrong. she told me that i would love it and again she was right. this mask is formulated with apricot kernel oil which quenches compromised skin and avocado oil and mango butter which Origins says builds a reservoir of moisture for tomorrow, and on top of that it has japanese seaweed to prevent future moisture loss. believe it or not a lot happens at night time when we are asleep. for those that have used night cremes or moisturizers and wake up feeling like you never put anything on the night before...thats because of dehydration. this mask is the solution. the sweet smell of mango is also a plesent smell to fall asleep to. once you have applied it all over your face you might feel a little sticky in some areas like the eyelids and around the nose but dont worry. it will soon make its way down to a dewy very moisturized skin feel; but not uncomfortable. it will not make a mess all over your pillows at night and it doesnt make you itch(from feeling something on your face). in the morning when you wake up your skin feels just as dewy and moisturized. when you wake up simply rinse your face with warm water and you will feel the mask coming off and start your day all over with the frothy face wash. i use this mask every other night (the other nights i use the moisturizer) after i wash my face with the frothy stuff and call it night from there. the price is right, the quality is great...overall amazing. i highly recommend this and will buy this again.

so there you have it. my long review on my new Origins products. i can honestly say that i love them all. for those of you who are a little more conscious of their budget you might want to consider something less expensive(stay tuned for some at home remedies that are super cheap) or look at this purchase as one that will give you better results for your money. i must admit i was a little hesitant to pay the price for these products and even after i did, i left the Origins counter hoping that it was money well spent. turns out that it was more than just money well spent. for me who has suffered from dry sensitive skin finding a good product that works as fast as this does and as well as it does the price was no longer a huge factor.

well i am off to bed with the scent of my mango mask


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW! WOW! Wednesday

in the world of make up artistry we all know we are always on the constant buy. as an MUA you always wanna make sure you have the latest and greatest to offer your clients; and for your own success you must always have the essentials.

that being said we all know that always having to buy new things or restocking on old favorites can nonetheless get pricey. thankfully, our most trusted cosmetic companies offer pro artist memberships. yeah i know....ubber exciting!! what is even more exciting is that for the "newbie" MUA's (myself included) is that we dont need to have a gazillion years of experience under our brush belt.

keeping all that in mind i started my hunt for all the pro memberships i could get my hands on. here are some of the amazing things i found out about pro memberships (for those who dont know too much about them):
  • you can get discounts from 10%-40% (some depend on your level of expertise)
  • you get the latest info on whats going on in the industry (such as newsletters, articles, etc.)
  • you generally get to get your hands on the newest products before the general public
i could go on and on about how wonderful these memberships are and why you need to go out there and get your hands on them. please know that you dont have to be solely a MUA in order to get them. most pro memberships also offer their discount to other professions that are related such as but not limited to:
  • photographers
  • aestheticians
  • models
  • cosmetologists
  • hairstylists
  • nail technicians
  • performers
  • fashion stylists/designers
  • students
so you cant wait to get your hands on these...well....good because here is the info on the pro memberships i have applied for and you should too!!!

****special note to all my GlamSisters- your KJ Glaminar pro certification is a form of professional criteria that you can use for these membership applications. i have not encountered any issues thus far using mine.****

I have made the names of the cosmetic companies links so that you can easily start applying...ok ok lets get started:
  1. MAC Pro (this was my first ever pro card...YAY!!!) all you need to do is download the application, fill it out and mail it back with two pieces of professional criteria and a photo ID. the cost: $35US and $45CDN annually. the discount: 40%
  2. Dinair on the home page look under the professionals tab and click on the pro card apply now link. fill out the application online or download it. if you do it online all you have to do is fill it out and click submit. they will email you with the rest of the info that your need to provide. if you download it, print it out, fill it out and mail it in with a copy of your photo ID and two pieces of professional criteria. the cost: $25US annually. the discount: 20-30%
  3. Smashbox at the bottom of the page click on the smashbox pro link. download the application, print it out, fill it out and email or fax it back to smashbox with a copy of your photo ID and 2 pieces of professional criteria. the cost: none listed on application. the discount: 20-40%
  4. Senna Cosmetics this one is a little tricky. i could not find their application on their website but i know that they do offer a pro membership. i got my application at TMUS is LA this past weekend. i also dont know if there is a cost or what the discount is. however, i did get a chance to see their make up artists work on people at TMUS and i did get to swatch their product even though i did not purchase any and the color pay off on their shadows are great and the feeling of their foundations is amazing. i encourage you to do your own research on their site and to contact them if you would like to get an application. maybe they can send you one in the mail of via email. their number 800-537-3662.
  5. Stila <----click there and start filling out your application. it only takes a few minutes. when your are done, allow 4-6 weeks for processing. you may need to provide additional info at a later date. the cost: none listed on the site. the discount: 20-40%
  6. The Powder Group when you visit their site click on the little box that says TPG Pro Membership. there you will see all that they offer and let me just say its super amazing. this is why i saved it for last. this website will keep you up to date on the latest news of the industry, give you automatic entry to some of the harder to get pro memberships, exclusive offers on special events and they will even give you a spot on their site where other people, professional or clients, can contact you for work. its like advertisement for your sevices. not only that but you can also see what everyone else offers so if you are looking for models for work just look for one in your state. yup thats right...they have even made it easier for you to find people near you. there is so much more to say about them but i will let you find some more surprises for yourself. the cost: $125US and $65US for students annually. the discount: varies. i know its the most expensive of them all but i think its sooo worth it. so go check out their website and see what you think.

well my friends that is all i have to offer for now. if you know of any other great deals or programs please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

much love and wows...your cindy

Friday, February 11, 2011

January Faves

so i had planned to add some fancy pics to go with my favorite things of the month  but got home turned on my computer and found that the screen was all messed up. none the less still wanted to share what was absolutely in love with last month:

Face stuff:
Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer
L'oreal 360 deep clean cleanser
Sephora face primer
L'oreal true match liquid foundation
Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer
Laura Mercieer pressed powder
Blunt by MAC
Silverdusk by MAC
Superduper Natural by MAC

Soft ocre by MAC
Naked palette by Urban Decay
Engraved eyeliner by MAC
Blacktrack by MAC
Zoomlash by MAC

Viva Glam V lipstick
Any neautral lip liners
Cherry red lipliner by MAC
Viva Glam Gaga lipstick

My hello kitty purse
My zebra hairbow
My supreme necklace
My new Tiffany ring
Brit Sheer perfume by Burberry
Brush set from Crown brushes

Wish i had pics to go with this blog but typing from my phone  and all my pics r on the now broken screen laptop. most stuff can be found at your local drug store, MAC, Sephora, Mary Kay, and the Sanrio store. hope you enjoyed reading

Love and favorite things, your cindy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabulously Fragrant

Aside from looking fabulous we all want to smell fabulous too!! Just because all the big holidays are over doesn't mean that the gifting and recieving has to stop. Its always nice to get a gift out of the blue. Not to mention Valentine's Day is around the corner and these frangrances just might add the perfect touch to your love filled day.

So here they are, my most favorited fabulous fragrances some of which I own, have owned and/or would love to own.

Own it and love it!!!

Own it and love it!!!

I have owned DKNY in the past but would really love to own this :)

This smells Fantabulous!!! I will own this...maybe this weekend :)

 Now I didnt forget about the guys and if you ladies are looking for getting that special guy in your life a little something for Valentine's Day or any special occassion here is what I recommend.

Smells amazing.

Love smells just as good as the perfume.

My brother wears Jean Paul Gaultier and it smells great!!

So there you have it. My most favorited fabulous frangrance. Hope this gives you some inspiration to go buy something good smelling for yourself (you deserve it!!) or something for that special person in your life.

Hope you have an awesome day!
Smiles and lots of smelly good things: your Cindy