Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabulously Fragrant

Aside from looking fabulous we all want to smell fabulous too!! Just because all the big holidays are over doesn't mean that the gifting and recieving has to stop. Its always nice to get a gift out of the blue. Not to mention Valentine's Day is around the corner and these frangrances just might add the perfect touch to your love filled day.

So here they are, my most favorited fabulous fragrances some of which I own, have owned and/or would love to own.

Own it and love it!!!

Own it and love it!!!

I have owned DKNY in the past but would really love to own this :)

This smells Fantabulous!!! I will own this...maybe this weekend :)

 Now I didnt forget about the guys and if you ladies are looking for getting that special guy in your life a little something for Valentine's Day or any special occassion here is what I recommend.

Smells amazing.

Love smells just as good as the perfume.

My brother wears Jean Paul Gaultier and it smells great!!

So there you have it. My most favorited fabulous frangrance. Hope this gives you some inspiration to go buy something good smelling for yourself (you deserve it!!) or something for that special person in your life.

Hope you have an awesome day!
Smiles and lots of smelly good things: your Cindy 

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